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Design your own bespoke Anti-Malware Engine

With our cutting-edge AI technology, we craft tailored Anti-Malware Engines to fit our clients' unique requirements, empowering them with a distinct competitive edge and unlocking fresh business avenues.

Our vision

As AI technology advances, it’s surpassing human abilities in certain areas. We prioritize research that addresses human challenges and enhances convenience and safety. We aim to lead in the global market while upholding our social responsibility as a trusted company.

Meta Forensics is an AI research company that pursues format-agnostic knowledge discovery.

Our mission is to leverage AI technology to extract knowledge from vast amounts of data that surpasses human cognitive abilities and create unprecedented new value.

Our mission is to use AI to derive insights from large data sets beyond human comprehension and generate unique value.

Our technologies

We utilize cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to automate business processes, reducing manual and repetitive tasks. This streamlines operations and enhances efficiency. Moreover, our solution constantly learns and improves, staying up-to-date with the latest information and trends. It adapts to the evolving business landscape, driving continuous innovation. By harnessing AI, our solution empowers clients to boost productivity, cut costs, and gain a competitive edge. It also establishes a solid foundation for fostering innovation and growth.

We use advanced AI technology to automate business tasks, increasing efficiency. Our constantly evolving solution adapts to new trends, promoting continuous innovation. This empowers clients to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and stay competitive, laying a foundation for future growth and innovation.

Malware Forensics

With our AI system, clients can autonomously customize detection functions, ensuring efficient acquisition of a unique Anti-Virus Engine. We possess an advanced AI system capable of unrestricted code and file type analysis, automatically identifying malicious behaviors. This system not only detects threats in real-time but also instantaneously updates and optimizes in response to new threats. Dive into superior threat intelligence with Code Semantics.

Our AI allows clients to customize detection, providing a unique Anti-Virus Engine. It can analyze any code or file type, instantly identifying and responding to threats. The system updates and optimizes in real-time to counter new threats. Experience advanced threat intelligence with Code Semantics.

Multimedia Forensics

We specialize in researching and developing state-of-the-art technologies for extracting meaningful information and automatically analyzing multimedia data, including images, audio, and document files. Based on this expertise, we design and develop AI solutions that automate precise subtasks, aligning with our clients’ business requirements. By partnering with us, you can generate business value and successfully lead projects to fruition.

We develop advanced technologies for analyzing multimedia data. Using this expertise, we create AI solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, automating specific tasks. Partnering with us ensures added business value and successful project completion.

Code Semantics

We have developed an advanced AI system that automatically generates sophisticated malware diagnostic models through a comprehensive survey of large-scale datasets. This system maximizes resource efficiency, enabling real-time predictions and model updates. The robustness of the model increases with the quality and size of the dataset, making it highly valuable in the cybersecurity field where new data is continuously generated. Moreover, this system is designed to provide clear justifications for the AI model’s predictions, allowing users to deeply understand the model’s decision-making mechanism and offer effective feedback.

We’ve developed an advanced AI system that allows real-time malware diagnostics and updates using large-scale datasets. This enhances model robustness and offers clear insights into its predictive rationale, ensuring user understanding and feedback in the cybersecurity realm.

Code Semantics enables highly accurate and efficient malware diagnosis by leveraging static analysis techniques that can handle any code packing, obfuscation, or hiding techniques.

Parsed info

We provide insights into the overall overview of files based on the information obtained from static analysis of the files.

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Malware Detection

We enhance the transparency of our malware detection model by providing prediction probabilities without any calibration process, enabling a better understanding of the model’s behavior and decision rationale.

type Classification

We provide detailed information on the specific types of detected malware and offer predictive insights into malicious behavior patterns from an artificial intelligence perspective.

Code Semantics can identify the most robust indicators for distinguishing malicious from benign files, which are difficult to detect using conventional security measures, through comprehensive feature analysis.

It can provide various in-depth interpretation results based on top indicators that exert a substantial impact on the predicted outcomes.

Code Semantics utilizes AI language models to interpret and identify key features. By harnessing extensive expertise in domain-specific security, it enables us to comprehend intricate characteristics that might be challenging for humans to grasp due to their meticulous mechanistic calculations.


Code Semantics provides a more intuitive interpretation of how the model made predictions by displaying the major feature values in the analyzed file on the kernel density estimation graph of the training dataset, enabling clearer insights into the underlying reasoning.


Enhancing Business Success Through Tailored AI Solutions and Expert Support


We adapt to our clients’ specific needs by designing and creating bespoke predictive models. This not only sets them apart from competitors but also provides a foundation for flexible and scalable business growth.

Performance Guarantee

Through continuous algorithm improvements and maintenance, we ensure sustained performance that consistently meets the standards set by each customer.

technical Support

We offer dedicated technical support for AI adoption, helping businesses strengthen competitiveness, develop new strategies, and ensuring consistent communication with tailored AI management.

Unlocking Limitless Insights

Together, we can harness the transformative power of data, enabling informed decisions, groundbreaking discoveries, and shaping a brighter future.

Join us in revolutionizing data perception, analysis, and utilization, paving the way for a data-driven revolution.